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vmp_leonardo's Journal

Leonardo Anducci
23 October
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I am a vampire sired by Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, himself, who now has in my pssession, the necklace of Sarupezza, which was sough for centuries and hidden by the church, by many vampires.

I cannot be killed or matched in strength while wearing it.

Also on my arm, is the lovely Drusilla, who's looks rival and exceed those of my longtime and slayed beloved, Michaela.

All slayers will continue to pay for that, especially now that I wear the necklace.

Or, I'm evil and have an express purpose in killing slayers to avenge the death of my bride so many years ago...

Or even still, I have been given a soul through magic's and now will make those responsible pay and still save the world.

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