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After Jada and I had dscovered that night had fallen and that we could now leave the mausoleum, she hatched the plan to go to her former place of employment. She wnated to kill a lot of the customers that used to grope and grab at her in the strip club.

A plan immediately formed in my mind...one that I am going to perfect.

I had to make a statement of my own. When I had sired Jada, I had turned a slayer into a vampire and as I expected was a possibility, she was far stronger then me and liked to show it, beating me while we were caged in that mausoleum, and then taking me sexually as she desired, which I suppose wasn't something to complain about except that for the lasst two-hundred and fifty years, I have ben in the one in control over my legion or over a room...generally always the strongest force in the room.

That is no longer the case with Jada. She talked about leaving me or even killing me before leaving. She also talked about maybe letting me tag along with her because the sex was good. I didn't like the way that she changed her mind and acted as if everything was in her hands. I wanted her to be tame and though stronger then me, at my side.

Hence, the plan came into effect after she had killed the three bumbling teenage boys that had come into the mausoleum for some reason...probably grave ribbing. Jada needed the blood, not having yet fed except on me, but still, beaten, I couldn't challenge her and she drained all three boys and didn't share.

The plan was set. She could go after the customers. I would devour and fuck the strippers and unleash my strength, just to show her what I could do. I knew that she would be brutal in there and I would be more so. Nobody in the club was going to survive and it's as simple as that. This strip club is going to be the sight of a massacre and there will be bitemarks in necks, discretion out of the door.

We looked at the club and Jada didn't even regard me as she opened the door.

I looked around and smiled.

I immediately broke the necks of the two bouncers. I then smiled. "Nobody is leaving this building with their lives."

I went to work and grabbed a couple of guys from their chairs, noticing that Jada was watching. I drained one and drained and sired another. I then moved towards the stage. I think that I'm about to prove my point quite efficiently and I'm havin a good time doing it.

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I had turned a vampire slayer into a vampire. Jada caught my eye, immediately. Going back through history, the Moors had conquered Sicily, which is why my skin, or is likely why, anyway, is dark and my hair is dark, as opposed to more of an Austria, blue eyes, blonde hair look. If history is accurate, then black is in my genetic makeup and though Jada is not my Michaela, and isn't a leggy, beautiful Italian beauty, she is a leggy African American beauty, and I knew when I saw her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

That in itself, is saying something. I lost my Michaela to a vampire slayer nearly a half a century ago and since, I have remained celibate and faithful to her memory, in spite of advances from the female vampires in my legion and countless other females that were human, and despite of the derision, even if it was playful, from the male vampires of my legion and other legions.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I believe deeply in my codes and beliefs. Of course, it has been getting harder and more and more difficult to remain faithful. There is only so long that one can masturbate. In my mind, even after all of these years, is my beautiful Michaela, and thinking about her makes me want something to be actualized and real. So, when the First evil approached Boris, Xavier and myself, and we formed the strategy of attack in Atlanta, Boris chose to kill Spike, Xavier had been obsessed with Buffy Summers and I agreed to kill this new slayer, Jada Silver, and when I saw her, I knew that I wasn't going to keep her dead.

Turning a vampire slayer into a vampire is against the unwritten demon code, but both Xavier and I planned to do it. The fight with Jada had been easy. She was strong, but clumsy, and I killed her inside of five minutes, mixing my blood with hers.

I'm not sure how Xavier is doing with Buffy Summers, but I now know that he's probably going to be in trouble if he is able to turn her, unless he cloaks her power with his magic's, because I have never been defeated in battle in my life, or at least in any way where I hadn't hurt my opponent as much as I was, such as Dracula, in sparring sessions. This was not the case with Jada. I admitted that I loved her already when she woke, and that I wanted exclusivity, but she didn't contain an ounce of the goodness or wholesomeness that a slayer might possess.

She did, however, become probably the strongest force on Earth, which is why I thought of Buffy Summers, who would be unstoppable with all of her experience as a vampire slayer and her ability to fight already and vampire powers on top of that.

I had created a monster, literally and then double that. Sure, I didn't want to fight her, but I tried to fight back when I realized that I needed to defend myself from broken bones and yet, I was no match for her. Her right hands were like clubs and I felt like my orbital bone was broken and my ribs were certainly broken from rapid-fire knees that she drove into my ribcage when handling me.

Now, she wanted to get sexual, as she knew that she was stronger then me, which was something that I had to adjust to. I couldn't stop her, which seemed obvious and was foreign to me, so if she wanted to have sex with me and then leave, as she hinted at earlier, then I probably wouldn't be able to stop her.

After damaging my ribs, she mounted me, from across the room, leaping on me, and while she straddled me, clothes on, the amazing lack of sex for me came full circle and at the same time, she took her clothes off and was a sight to behold, as I expected, nude. She leveled me with a couple of right hands, that made me forget how horny I was because I saw stars and felt like I was about to pass out, and she then ripped my shirt off, and made her way to my jeans, quickly unbuttoning them and sliding the zipper down and letting the monster out. I started to pull focus again.

This was going to be amazing, but could I live with a being stronger then me with a propensity for showing that power? I wanted to, and realized that she might level off after a fresh kill. I guess that i was about to find out, pleasure mixed with pain...

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The fight outside of the club had gone very much our way. Xavier had managed to wisk Buffy off through magic’s, to somewhere, probably back to his castle in Paris, where he would likely use magic’s to turn her into his Immortal.

Before sending Buffy and himself away, he had put some kind of magical barrier around Spike and Boris, who were fighting and once the barrier broke, Spike would be disheartened that his lover and Xavier had disappeared and he would be further upset that myself and Jada Silver had disappeared, which would give Boris the upper hand in killing one of the most savage vampires, a list that included myself, in history.

He would be distraught partially, because I had manhandled Jada with relative ease and though when first starting our death match, she had shown a slayer maturity beyond her tenure, I had still easily handled her and was now carrying her away to the nearest cemetery, where I would wait as she would be reborn.

I had already fed her my blood and not knowing the rules and feeling deathly ill, with certainty, she had sucked on my wrist for all that she had, and I felt her body convulse as I carried her away from the scene where I had killed several other negroes, who had attempted to save her. She was now unconscious and when she awoke, presumably, she would wake as an unholy immortal child of darkness, and hopefully, immortal child of darkness.

I found a nice cemetery, after carrying Jada over my shoulder, now still, in the night, and it was slightly away from the urban sprawl, though still within it, for I hadn’t run for that long with her over my shoulder.

I found a mausoleum, though not a very big one, where I lay her body on top of the cement slab containing the body of a woman named Francesca Silvanelli, who was Italian like myself, and had died in 1969.

This was fitting to me and appeased me and as I cleaned the face of Jada trying to wipe away the blood that I had created by hitting her, I was visited by a very happy First Evil, in the form of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, as he had appeared to us so many times before, who was grinning ear to ear.

“I take it that you are satisfied by my turning this slayer into a vampire, First? So, now I ask, what is the progress with Xavier and transforming Buffy Summers into a child of darkness?”

[The First Evil (Wesley) ]
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You would think that the First evil who could move around the world and had his or her eyes all over the world at one moment, might be able to send us to our destination without the need for us actually purchasing a ticket. You might think this, but you would be wrong. Not that I was bitter about having to fly, or that I was one who complained, but it is a valid observation.

Now, on a plane from De Gaulle in Paris to Hartsfield in Atlanta, Boris, Xavier and myself sat on a relatively empty plane, looking at those around us who were oblivious to what we could do to them and likely were also oblivious to the reality of the world, that demons like ourselves existed.

I wasn’t looking upon these people as meals. It was like fruit off of the vine to slaughter them, and though I knew how to fly a plane, the prospect of killing all of these people, regardless of whether it was fun or not, and then killing the crew, never occurred to me and never occurred to the First Evil either. Boris and Xavier might have had an inkling to inflict some pain or grab a meal, but they too were far too intelligent at this point to do anything so needles.

We weren’t on our way to Atlanta to make spectacles of ourselves and announce our coming. We wanted a modicum of surprise and we knew that there was vulnerability in Atlanta. Soon, in Seaside, Angel, Cordelia Chase, Connor, who might be evil, according to the First, a slayer named Leah Cleveland, a slayer named Melissa Collier, a soldier named Riley, another well known slayer in Faith Lehane and a vampire who none of us knew of, named Justin, who was also ensouled like Spike and Angel…all of these fighters would be gathered and while we had to face them all eventually, facing just three seemed more sporting.

In Atlanta, Buffy Summers, the most well known to all of us, of all of the slayers, a new slayer named Jada Silver who had already lost her family due to a weak vampire attack led by the First, and Spike, were waiting for us. Of course, they didn’t know that we were coming, but they would soon know.

According to the First evil, the three of them had just taken apart seven vampires all of the negro persuasion, who showed promise to make an army of vampires, but were now all ash. The First wasn’t facing us at the moment,, wasn’t technically here, but he had just given us this information and told us that they were heading for a bar called Squeegles, and might be there for a while, probably drinking.

I moved closer to Xavier. “I know that you want Spike, but the girl, the new slayer, she is mine. I know too that you wish to sire Buffy, and while I feel that this is a bit against the code, eliminating her is very much a must, so you will have my support, there. But, it does seem that you and Boris very much want to take Spike apart. Is that accurate?”

[Xavier and Boris]
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Angel had tried to stop Michael from harming Cordelia, and I had bumped into Buffy Summers, the heralded vampire slayer that even I knew of, though I hadn’t left Europe in a century or more.

I told Buffy who I was and told her that Angel was in town, which was an obvious sore spot and something that in front of a vampire slayer, that I reasoned that I probably shouldn’t press the issue. Of course, I had to tell her about Michael benedict, the wealthy thief and warlock who had double-crossed me during a multi-million dollar heist that I had done the legwork on because of my powers and imperviousness to bullets and guards. I told her that he had crippled me with a soul, but that it wasn’t debilitating and that I enjoyed it now, except that I had lost my legion and everything in Rome because of the soul.

Buffy continued to reference her past, and left the Angel part’s out, which were easy to fill in, and I reiterated that Angel was here. I told her about Michael and Buffy knew of him, or so she thought, being with Cordelia. It turned out to be true. Michael was at Cordelia’s house, trying to rape her, as Angel had tired to stop him, and found out about Michael’s warlock abilities. I got a hold of Michael, though and should have just broken his neck, but I wanted to hurt him, so I threw him out of the third floor window and when we looked down, he was gone. I split up, going off with Cordelia, to Michael’s house. Angel stayed behind with Buffy, and it would have been fun to be a fly on the wall during that conversation, especially since I had known Angel for centuries, and I knew how Buffy felt about Angel lying to her about his still being in Sunnydale, instead of Los Angeles where he was supposed to be.

Michael didn’t appear to be home, but checking would have been impossible because he had put a barrier around his house, magically, not allowing us access. I reasoned to Cordelia that he was probably in a hospital, anyway. The fall that he had absorbed when I threw him had</i> to have injured him. Cordelia seemed to think that going after him might be a bad idea.

Buffy and Angel arrived and attempted to walk straight into his house. Cordelia and I neglected to tell them about the barrier and they were both simultaneously zapped and sent to the ground, on their behinds. I thought that it was amusing, even though I wanted Michael dead more then ever and I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for amusement. However, Buffy didn’t find it funny, and she had obviously not had the best of conversations with Angel, either, because we decided to split up and check the two hospitals in the area, and I ended up with the vampire slayer at my side, who may want to stake me because of the joke, while Angel and Cordelia decided to inspect the hospital in the community called Seaside, the next town over.

Buffy and I walked. “I’m truly sorry if the joke offended you. Cordelia thought that it would be amusing to jolt Angel like that. I shouldn’t have been a part of it. I’m not in any mood to joke around with Michael still out there, surely planning my demise, and our demises. I apologize.”

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I had handled Michael Benedict, although I hadn't killed him, the way that I wanted to. I had met Buffy in the cemetary and after some tense moments, I convinced her that I was souled and that it wasn't unprecedented, that there had been another vampire with a soul in the world.

Of course, Buffy knew that, because she knew Angel and I immediately got the impression that she knew him in an intimate way. That led to me telling her that I sensed that he had been in the very spot that we were standing and that he had been here, very recently. Her reaction to that news was one of disbelief, like Angel wasn't supposed to be here, in Sunnydale. I left it alone, because she still didn't know me that well, and she did have a stake in her hands, and I was a vampire, one who had killed thousands of people in my three hundred years on Earth.

I told her that I had been souled by a warlock with wealth and that the warlock in question, Michael Benedict was here in Sunnydale and if he was here, nobody was safe. She didn't know him by name, but had a friend, named Cordelia Chase, who was also wealthy and was dating somebody new to town named Michael. Buffy Summers and I realized that it was time to check up on her friend Cordelia, and that's when the fun started.

We entered the house, triggering alarms, and heard a woman scream from upstairs. I leapt the three stories and entered the room, to see Cordelia battered and Angel with a magical ring around his neck, holding him in a stassis type of way. Michael didn't have time to use his magic's on me, and as I threw him across the room, with the intention of knocking the wind out of him before I killed him, even in front of Angel, Buffy and a girl that I didn't know, who was quite stunning, I failed and actually tossed him through a window and out. Buffy came in and there wasn't an effort by Angel to protect Cordelia anymore. His eyes were locked on Buffy's, just as I imagined would happen if Buffy saw Angel on this night, because of her reactions to my mentioning his name.

I helped Cordelia up and after a minute, she and I agreed that we should leave Buffy and Angel alone, even though I didn't know the story and wondered if a brutal fight was about to occur.

Cordelia turned off the alrms and locked the door as I studied her, suddenly interested in knowing what was going on around here, just as I was sure that she wanted to know why I had attacked Michael.

"In case you are wondering, Cordelia Chase, Michael Benedict is going to die at my hands. You see, and you well know, he's evil and thrusted a soul upon me, and robbed me of my friends and my life back in Italy. I don't mind the soul part, even though it's an adjustment, but I do know that ridding him from the world is something that somebody who is now a good being should do..."

I had babbled to a person that didn't even know me, and she needed ice for her face. I went to get ice from the freezer for her, and her home was beautiful, as was she, and reminded me of my former palace in Rome, where I was no longer welcomed by my legion.

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I knew that Michael Benedict was in this little town of Sunnydale, California. Worn, torn, my friends gone, my money gone, my lover gone, and filled with grief and pain and visions over horrors that I had committed in the past, I took a night flight from Rome to Los Angeles.

I then took a ride to Sunnydale with a woman heading to San Francisco, who offered me things that I wasn't in the mood for, though safter she had dropped me off on the side of the highway, at the town's city limits, I regretted it, because I needed something, anything to make me feel better and to make me forget my old life, so that I could start anew.

Now, my stomach curdled and I felt weak. I needed some blood, and preferably, human blood, but I kinew that I wouldn't take a human life. That was no longer an option, and the only other way that I knew to go, was to find a cemetary, find a vampire and ask him if there were any butcher's shops in town and if that didn't work, then I would probably have to feed off of a human that another vampire had killed.

I knew of Sunnydale, and though I wasn't going to forget about the reason that I was here; I wasn't going to forget that Michael Benedict, a warlock, had cursed me after I had stole some diamonds for him and that he would be avenged and would probably be the last human life that I took, I also knew that Sunnydale, California was where the hellmouth was, and it was an area where demons converged. Being European, we didn't care about the American demon ways of life, although I did know that there was a chance that a demon of some kind could open up the hellmouth and bring hell to Earth, which didn't seem appealing to me, even when I was evil and especially now.

Still weak, I tried to clear my mind, as I made my way into a cemetary, not too far from where I had been dropped off. There was a girl there. I fought off my hunger and the urge to want to attack her and made my way away from her, looking for a vampire to get information from. As I made my way away from the girl, I did wonder if any other vampire outside of Angel was in my predicament. It was probably a long shot, but I decided that I had to speak to Angel if he was here. If he was souled, then he would know where to get blood, not from the neck of a human.

I decided to ask a vampire, with force if possible, if Angel was here. Ahead, I saw some, was it soldiers, looking around and hid behind a tree as they made there way by. I studied them for a minute and when I was sure that they were gone, I decided to do find a crypt. When I turned around, the blonde was there again, and surprised me.

"Little girl, what are you doing out here at night? Don't you know that it's dangerous?"

She didn't seem to care.

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It's a shame when your life is turned over and completely decimated because of one or two idiot warlocks. My life had been good. It had been great, in fact. I had lost my immortal love, Michaela, about fifty years ago to a vampire slayer and had vowed that I would remain faithful to her memory for the rest of my existence. Those in my legion thought that I was crazy and that my sexual drive would overtake my vow, and they were right, but not without more then twenty years of keeping true to my word.

Things had been good, lately, however. I had met a blonde that suited my eye and I had to make her an immortal. Unlike Michaela, she was vicious in her new existence and brought the fire back to me. I became a knight for hire, heisting jewels for the highest bidders and was very, very good at it. Carlissa and sometimes, my inner-circle, would join me on the heists. Museums, private collections, none of them were safe from my stealth, our stealth. The night in question, just two months ago, was a night where we had two private stashes that we were going to rip off. Because of that, my Carlissa, along with Sophia and Carlo, took one of the residences, while, I, being the best of us at this, took the more difficult of the two jobs.

After these two heists, we would have amassed more then five million dollars in commission from our paying, scared and also proud clients. We didn't rip them off, or kill them to keep all of the money, because if we did that, we would probably lose our connections to making this kind of money and not being able to go out in daylight, we weren't privy to the information that we needed to find the jewels available. I didn't know what our clients did with their fortunes and I didn't care. All that I knew was that we generally collected a quarter of a million dollars per heaist, and that paid for a lot of things. Carlissa was very expensive to love, but for what she gave me, and brought to my life, it was well worth it. Besides, money bought estates and other things, where killing humans wasn't always necessary...at least not the conventional way.

The heist that I took, was in London, and I took a nightflight to get there. It was the residence of somebody royal, and there was a fortune in diamonds there. I was to take all of them, but my employer, a man named Michael Benedict, had told me that there would be a powerful warlock named Ethan Rayne would be after the diamonds too, and that I had to be careful. He was also said to have demon connections, and that I needed to watch for that.

I had no fear of it. Any demon with half a brain, anywhere in Europe, give or take a few vampires or sorts that didn't fear powerful vampires, knew that I was not a demon to cross in Europe. The heist had been easy. A Fletchnok demon had been there, after I had disarmed the security system and was going for the diamonds, but I made quick work of him. Then, a security crew came at me, but this Ethan showed up, and together, he and I either killed, or transmogrified all of the security people. I grabbed the diamonds, and started after this Ethan Rayne, hiding, sneaking on him, when from behind me, the very man that had hired me, started an incantation, threw an orb of thessala at me and before I could smash it, it exploded in my face, and then memories of the past immediately hit me.

Somehow, I managed to escape the manor without being caught, but the diamonds were gone, and worst of all, I had a soul. It blasted off of me in waves and when I somehow got back to our mansion in Rome, I was beaten by those that I loved, barely able to contain the pain inside me, making me virtually impotent to fight back. Friends that had been with me for centuries turned their backs on me and made me leave the very mansion that was mine. Carlissa, gorgeous, leggy, busty, sensual, yet violent and aggressive, knocked me unconscious with a kick, and told me to leave or I would die. It was shocking to me, and parts of me wanted my life back. I could kill any of my legion one on one or even two one one, but they had all banded together against me, apparently through greed. My life had been taken from me, as had my love, and for the first month, while seeking out Ethan Rayne and Michael Benedict, I had wanted my life back, suffering through atrocities that I had committed, but once the pain became more bearable, I realized that I didn't want that life back. I couldn't kill. I had tried, in order to feed, but when taking the young brunette in my arms, I knew that it wasn't right for me. She was a woman of wealth, and instead of biting her neck, I kissed it, sucked it, and made love to her. During the course of the night, while in the throws of passion, I became excited and killed her accidentally, and spent the night trying to revive her. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to and was more lost then ever. I knew that my need for blood had killed her, and I knew that I would need income to get more blood from now on. My victim had a fortune in jewels in a safe, and against my better judgment, and knowing a contact in Florence, I heisted the jewels and met him the next night, ravaged with guilt, but the payoff made it bearable.

I received half of the fortune from this demon, black market contact, who it sickened me to be around, and the take was over two million lira. I then began the hunt, getting a plane to London to look for this Ethan Rayne and Michael Benedict in earnest, filled with feelings of betrayal of all sorts; betrayed by my loved ones and those close to me, probably for my money, and betrayed by them because I had been betrayed by Michael Benedict, using Ethan Rayne, and getting a soul in the process, which, every day, made me regret my life and made it impossible to be evil. That didn't mean I couldn't be evil to those who were already evil, though. After killing the rich woman and getting a percentage of her estate through her jewels, I vowed never to kill another human again, except for possibly two, and certainly one. Michael Benedict would die at my hands. Ethan Rayne would as well, unless he gave me the information that I wanted.

I found him using some demons and cornered him in his London flat. He cowered like a sissy, making me want to kill him, but after beating him bloody and finding that he was planning a return trip to the United States, I found out where Michael Benedict was. He was in California, and in fact, he was in Sunnydale, California, where the hellmouth was. He had some big plans for the hellmouth, being the piece of shit warlock that he was, and probably wanted to bring hell to Earth, which was crazy, even for an evil vampire, like I formerly was. Demons would kill all of the humans, which vampires needed to survive. I didn't know what his angle was, and neither did Ethan Rayne, and I believed him, as he bled in front of me. All that I knew was that I was going to stop him.

I took Ethan Rayne's ticket to Los Angeles international and with all of my clothes and money exchanged to American Dollars, which was more then one and a half million, I boarded yet another, longer nightflight, and set my sights on California and on Michael Benedict. On the plane, I read up on California, the town of Sunnydale, and on warlocks magics. I didn't know why I was reading up on warlocks. Probably just to keep myself safe from the asshole who had given me a soul. But, could it have been that I wanted my soul gone? Was there a way to lose it? I didn't know if I wanted that. I knew that I didn't want to be around Carlissa or Sophia or Carlo or anyone else in my legion again, and that I didn't want to return to Europe, but I wasn't sure if I could sustain myself on pig's blood forever, or if I wanted to have my rage contained, because so many had betrayed me, that only as my soulless self, could I truly, without a ton of remorse, avenge them. On the flight, my drink of choice was bourbon, and a lot of it, because it dulled the pain of past recriminations.

Lnading at LAX, I used my passport, and got into the country, stating that I was going to see my cousin, and managed to rent a corvette, and get to shelter, in the form of a hotel, just before the sun hit me.
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